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Map Tile Generator – Save boards

September 22, 2009

I’ve upgraded the DnD map tile generator to use a newer version of the OpenID login code, which means it should work for a wider variety of OpenID providers.

You can now also save your favourite boards. Once you’ve created an account you’ll be able to give a generated board a name, save it, and return to it later.


DnD Map Tile Generator – User Accounts

September 11, 2009

I’ve just implement user accounts for my DnD Map Tile Generator. You can register for an account using your favourite OpenID provider.

At the moment you can use an account to buy credits that allow you to access new board styles. There’s only one style there to start us off, it’s very much a Beta test at the moment.

I’ll be adding more styles, and more features (special options, saving of favourite tiles and more). They’ll only be available if you have an account, so register and enjoy the benefits.

I’ll drop some free credits to the first few people to register, or to anyone who can report a bug to me, either in comments or directly via e-mail.