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Lost in the Shuffle

February 18, 2008

Richard Garfield is the designer of Magic the Gathering, which is the most successful collectable card game.

Today on the official Magic website they have republished a number of articles he wrote dealing with gaming and game design, and some of the concepts involved.

They are all short, all good, and all thought provoking, so read and enjoy them.


DnD 4th Edition

February 6, 2008

Dungeons and Dragons Fourth Edition is nearing completion. Wizards have released a couple of teaser books, Worlds and Monsters and Races and Classes. They look interesting, but not something that I’m desperate to read.

I’ll be sure to pick up copies of the core books when they are released, and look at upgrading my list of NPCs and adventures to fourth edition. I’m unsure about keeping the third edition stats and running them in parallel, I will probably keep them on the released characters, but not include them on new releases, unless there is a suitable level of demand from interested parties.