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DnD Map Tile Generator – Additional Items

November 24, 2009

Another new feature for the DnD Map Tile Generator, I’ve added the ability to click and drag in items of furniture into the dungeon.

It’s really simple to use, create an account and log-in. Purchase access to the Dungeon Furniture Pack 1, and you’ll be able to see a scrolling list of the available items. Generate your board, then click on an item to add it to the tile. You should then be able to drag the items around on the tile, and place them where you want.

Printing needs to be done in landscape mode to make the items line up over the board correctly. Saving doesn’t currently include the additional items, I’ll work on this if people want it.

I’ll give some credits to anyone who wants to help test out this new feature. Drop me a line here or on e-mail and I’ll set you up with something, just let me know your account details.


Innovation and Craft

November 23, 2009

At the end of Mark Rosewater’s Daily MtG article he discusses the difference between innovation and craft.

Innovation is important early in the life-cycle of the game, new ideas are important to create a great new game, and the ideas can sustain the game while it’s a bit rough around the edges.

Craft is important later on, it’s what you need to sustain the game in the long term. Dotting all the i’s, crossing the t’s, making sure that it’s as polished, complete and easy to play as possible, this is where the craft of game design comes into its own.

Games can survive with only one of the other, but great games have both.