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Alpha release

May 18, 2008

I’m ready to announce the release to Alpha testing of Going down to the Farm, my new online game.

In this game you are managing a plot of land, clearing, ploughing, sowing and harvesting crops. It runs in near real time, meaning that you can watch your plot mature as time passes in the real world, letting everyone stuck in the urban jungle have a chance to grow something in this virtual world.

As it’s an alpha release, I’m expecting there may be issues, if you have any problems, then please e-mail to let me know what’s gone wrong. There are the basic features that you require to grow and harvest a crop, but I’m looking to add more in time, including weather, more tools and crops, and RSS feeds of your progress. If you have an idea for a feature you’d like to see, or a preference regarding what I should do next, then let me know.

Account management is all based on OpenID, so you’ll need an OpenID to participate, luckily these are quite easy to come by, you’ve probably already got one, check out the OpenID site to find a list of providers.

My skills as an artist are sadly lacking, so I’m also looking for help in creating the images that are used in the game, you’ll see what I’ve created thus far, but if you think you can do better, then let me know, as I’m really hoping to be able to partner with a talented creator to really up the visual impact of the game.