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The Sea Captain

September 30, 2007

Benito Aravelo, a sea captain for hire, a hardened seafarer, who might just become a useful ally for the characters.

The Man

September 7, 2007

Don’t be the man to beat in your gaming group.

If you play games a lot, there’s a good chance you’ll be better than most of the more casual game players. You will win with ease, and after a while, people start to recognise that.

Once they’ve noticed you as a top player, you’ll quickly become a target. If it gets bad people will not care who wins a game, so long as it isn’t you. They will make bad plays just because they hurt your own chances of winning.

Don’t let it happen. Before long, you’ll be playing games and be out in the first round, as you get jumped on by all of the other players. There are a couple of strategies to follow if you become the man to beat.

Try to work the politics of the game, it’s a tough line to follow, but if people make a bad move just to hurt you, let them know it. Don’t be arrogant, it won’t help. Point out who is winning, and explain why you make a move. This should move focus onto the real threats, and away from you as a default threat.

Try and teach players to be better at the game, better players won’t make bad moves to spite someone. Again, this is hard to do well, but it’s easier to turn a bad player into a good one than it is to find a whole new gaming group who are all at your own level of play.