I love playing games, I love writing games. I want to share them with other people like me. I’ve created toadflax games to allow me to do this, to share what I like doing with as many people as possible.

I’m going to do things a little differently to the rest of the gaming world, and I hope that everyone likes what I am doing. First off, all of my games are available for free from this site, with the rules and components available in as many different electronic formats as I can think of. Please download them, and use them. Share them with your friends, but don’t modify things without my permission. If you like the games I provide, then I will make it easy for you to pay me for them, via pay-pal.

I’m going to have all the comments I get about any of my games available to anyone who cares to look at them, I don’t want to have a few select testimonials, I want everyone to be happy with the games I write, and I want everyone to be able to find out the thoughts of others with regards to my games.

I want to keep in contact with anyone who plays my games, or considers playing them. I will aim to reply to any e-mails I get with regards to toadflax games within a day of getting them, if I get online in that day, you’ll get a reply. As well as e-mail, you can see a link to the toadflax games blog, which will be updated regularly. Important updates will also be posted on the front page.

I hope you like the games I have available, initially I present a card game, King of the Castle, but I’ve got more card and board games in the development pipeline at the moment.


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