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A Bit of Bad Luck

May 12, 2009

A Bit of Bad Luck is a new Necromunda scenario for one player and an Arbitrator.

A gang runs into a motley crew of Hired Guns as they leave the scene of a recent gang fight. Battered and bruised, they need to take on these foes before they can enjoy the loot from their previous encounter.

This is a great scenario to make use of my Hired Gun creator, it’ll let you create the adversaries in seconds, and allow you to get going with the game nice and quickly.

I’m also trying a new look for main Necromunda page, check it out, and see if you like it better than the old design.


Two new games

April 5, 2009

Two new games for you, quick and simple ones based on my one page of rules post the other week.

First off is Dice Wars, a game for two or more players. Starting with 5 dice each, you attack other players, if you beat their defensive rolls your dice are upgraded, or theirs are downgraded. The last player with dice remain wins.

Second is Save the King, a game for two players. Using a standard chess board and a couple of chess sets, one player surrounds the edge of the board with pawns, the other must save their King, moving him off the board before the pawns can capture him, using only a few extra pieces to aid against the onslaught of the pawn army.

Necromunda Scenario – Payback

July 16, 2008

Payback is new Necromunda scenario. It’s a chance for a ganger to get revenge upon a hated opponent, either fairly in a stand-up fight, or down and dirty, Underhive style. One way earns the respect of rest of the hive, the other way is more certain, but less well regarded, the choice and risks are a tough balance.

I’ve also fixed a bug with the XML format for displaying your gang, the examples should now process correctly in Firefox (a problem caused when I moved to a new server).