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Idea log

April 27, 2009

It’s important to note down your ideas somewhere, and keep a decently neat copy of this list.

It lets you track thought you’ve had, to save you having that feeling you get when you can’t quite come up with an idea you know you’ve already had. It gives you somewhere to store ideas for later use, so don’t just note down ideas for games, but also mechanics, sources for stuff and anything else in the game ecosystem.

If you write down your ideas in one place, you can come back to that place when you are lacking inspirationm and draw something positive from it, unblocking whatever you are stuck with, and leading on to something great.

Be Prepared

April 17, 2008

Yesterday I had a great idea for a post, it popped into my head fully formed, and with a little editing, it would have been a valuable addition to this blog. Annoyingly I wasn’t in a position to actually write a post until now, and I’ve totally forgotten what I was planning to write about.

Instead, I’m going to remind everyone that they should carry around a notebook for situations like this, when you have an idea, but can’t immediately put it into practice. I usually carry one, but didn’t have it to hand at the critical moment. I’ll be sure to be more conscientious in future.

My preference tends towards the cheaper end of the market, I often use small WHSmiths ring bound notebooks, it’s easy to tear out pages when you are done with them, cheap to have a few around the house, and not a catastrophe if you lose one. I’d love to upgrade to Moleskines, but they are expensive, certainly worth considering if you can afford them.

If you can record your ideas easily, you will always be able to take advantage of flashes of inspiration that can strike at any time, rather than getting stuck flailing around in the dark straining to recall a brilliant insight.