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Gateway Games

January 24, 2010

We all want to introduce our non-gaming friends to the fun and excitement that can be found in games, and we want to find new games for the other gamers that we know.

Pick your games to target your audience.

That’s very important, it’s why it gets a paragraph to itself. Puerto Rico is probably too complex for people who’ve never played a serious boardgame, but it might be a good game to show someone who loves Settlers.

I find Ticket to Ride a good game to show people who aren’t experienced in gaming, the simple play and quick turns are good to keep them interested, and the lack of dice shows them that games don’t always mean dice rolling.

Carcassonne is a bit more difficult, but without expansions it can serve. Save the extras for people who already understand and love Carcssonne.

The genre of the game can be important to new players, to experienced gamers it’s not so vital as they will be used to it not really mattering.

I’ve not really got advice for sci-fi based introductions, sci-fi tends to the complex. If you’ve got any thoughts then share them below.