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Shadows over Camelot

September 5, 2006

I played Shadows over Camelot for the first time on the weekend. It’s a board game from Days of Wonder, the same people who gave us the excellent Ticket To Ride.

It’s an interesting game, as it’s a co-operative board game, rather than the standard competitive type that we play more often. Instead of each player attempting to win individually, the players compete against the game itself.

The game follows a set method of play, to place random obstacles in the way of the players, as they try and complete various Quests. If the obstacles are allowed to become too great, the Quest will become impossible to complete. If too many quests are failed, the players lose, if they complete enough quests, they win.

It’s a relatively simple game, I picked up most of it within a couple of turns play. Further play will allow better knowledge of the card decks that provide the random element, enabling a bit more strategic play.

The game is suitable for 3-8 players (the eighth player can be added with rules from the Shadows over Camelot website). One of the players is secretly a traitor, they will win if they can cause the rest of the players to lose. This roll is optional, allowing you to play a truly co-operative game if you wish.

Overall, a good game, worth playing a few times at least, but not serious competition to replace Puerto Rico or Settlers as my favourite.