Kickstarter Picks – 13 May 2013

For anyone that’s following along at home, I’m calling out interesting looking Kickstarter projects. I’m not suggesting you rush out and back everything I list, it’s more for projects that I want to make sure you don’t miss. You need to do your own research and decide if you like the look of the project.

Two quick picks here:

All Quiet on the Martian Front – 15mm WW1 era tanks verus Martian tripods. Rules written by some well known Games Workshop names. Already well funded, with a few weeks to go.

Amerigo – Interesting ‘dice tower’ with random board setup. I’m not sure how well the dice tower mechanic will play out. It seems like it might lead to turns being difficult to plan. It’s by a well known name, Stefan Feld, and from Queen Games, a pretty large publisher. It’s well funded and more than three weeks left. I’d probably wait for this one to see how it plays, but if it grabs you, go for it to get it early.


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