Citadels is a card game for 2-7 players. Players take turns to select roles and build their city. The first player to build eight districts wins.

Each of the roles has a different ability, from the assassin able to ‘kill’ another character and prevent them taking their turn, to the warlord able to pay to destroy a district belonging to another player.

The roles are numbered 1-8, selected secretly and then played in order. With fewer players not all roles are taken, so some special moves can be wasted. The bluff and counter bluff of role selection leads to a lot of the game’s fun.

The districts all cost a certain amount of gold to buy, and are worth this many points at game end. The first player to complete eight districts gets a bonus, and if any other player completes before game end then they get a slightly smaller bonus. You also score more points if you complete one district of each type.

This is a quick and fun game, it plays interestingly with 2 players, and is probably best with 4-5. Nice to fill in a spare half hour to hour around the main game of the evening


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