The Metagame

I was playing some Magic last night, and only hand one deck available to me, a fast white deck with no real way to deal with problem creatures (Things like Wellwisher, which will gain life faster than most decks can deal damage, unless you can destroy the Wellwisher).

My opponent had a lot of different decks, and once she had an idea of what I was playing, was able to go and find a deck that could exploit my weaknesses, and win pretty much any game we played.

That’s an extreme example of the metagame, where you are picking what you will play based on maximising the chance you’ll beat what other players choose to play. To do well at games like Magic you’ll need to get practised at the metagame, picking decks that can beat the rest of the field. You’ll not have it as easy as my opponent did last night, but situations like that are a good place to start.


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