Trickle down

One of the biggest benefits of the web is the trickle down effect you see when you can put up lots of content, and keep it there forever.

My most popular pages are some that have been around for a long time, especially my Countdown game (over 20,000 games played) or my Necromunda pages. If we were still living in a print world, we wouldn’t see this. Something would get published, then forgotten about. once the next issue arrived.

Taking the existence of powerful search tools into account, and repeatedly growing your content, you can create a snowball effect. It’s not about starting off with a bang, but looking for slow and consistent growth.

Make content available to people, make it easy for them to find more of your content, and keep it around in the same place for a long time, and this will grow your visitors, pageviews, and hopefully you can convert that into people playing your games and haveing fun.


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