Dungeons and Dragons: Map tiles

I know I’ve been going a bit crazy on the DnD posts recently, but there’s one more thing I’d like to share with you, Dungeon Tiles sets, which can be used to quickly and easily lay out a dungeon for your characters to explore. I’ve linked to the set which has Sewer tiles in, as you could use them to layout the sewer map from my Into the Sewers adventure, although they may need a little finessing, as I’m not certain they’ll match up exactly.

The tiles are printed double sided, and on very nice cardstock, so you’ll get hardwearing acessories that can be laid out in many more ways than if you were stuck with just a single side.

They remind me very much of the old Warhammer Quest tiles, but these new versions are available in more varieties (there are sets for tombs, crypts, outdoor ruins and so on). They would be suited mostly to games and DMS that are combat heavy, and really care about where their characters are, where the obstacles are and also what the game looks like. I don’t think they are something that a less combat focussed game needs, nor one that is more descriptive in its combat.

They cost less than £10 a pack, and might well be a better investment than another sourcebook you don’t really need.


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