Flames of War

I’ve just picked up a copy of the main Flames of War rulebook. It looks really good, well laid out, with lots of examples and diagrams.

It’s fairly expensive, but no more so than a comparable Games Workshop product. Before I can get a real idea of how good it is I feel I’ll need to pick up at least one other book (an Army list book), and some miniatures. I’m looking at mid-war Soviets to start with, then I’ll see where I’m inspired to go next

To get going with enough for two players will set me back in the region of around £100-£150, which is a fair investment for a game, although it can be made of a period of time.

I’ll check back in on how it’s going, and what I think of the system, once I’ve had a chance to get more of a detailed feel for the rules.


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