Necromunda is one of my favourite Games Workshop games. Each player takes control of a gang, consisting of around 10 figures. The gangs engage in vicious fights, to establish dominance and to stake claim over territory.

I like it for several reasons. It uses the Warhammer 40,000 Second Edition rules, which I think are well suited to games with only a few figures a side. They are too complex and detailed for games with a hundred models a side, but at the skirmish level presented in Necromunda, they are ideal.

It makes good use of three dimensional spaces. The gang fights occur in large urban areas, and terrain is a major feature. The boxed game provides several different buildings that are 2-3 stories high, and it is easy to place models on any level.

The game comes with ready made campaign rules, you get to create your gang, and thn customise them as time passes and games are played. This is a big attraction to me, it increases your attachment and engagement with the game. As the gang members change and learn, they become unique, and this has an effect on how the game is played. You often treat valued gang members differently to a new gang members that have not yet become unique.

It is relatively easy to create new scenarios for Necromunda, I have created several such scenarios, and also some other resources for the game. The ability to extend the game easily in this way is another benefit, as it helps to maintain interest for longer.

Necromunda is a specialist game in Games Workshop terms, which may mean that you cannot easily get a copy in your local Games Workshop. It’s still available through mail order, and online.


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