Refocusing Advertising Efforts

I’ve been running an Amazon Affiliate link on my main DnD page for a while now, and I’ve decided that it’s not really working. It doesn’t look very good, and it also distracts people from the DnD resources I’ve created and released, sending some of them off to Amazon rather than staying and looking at the available adventures or characters. I’ve decided to remove this link from the page, and to put some effort into other channels, that might prove more successful.

I’m now offering some content that is only available to people who have bought something from toadflax games. It isn’t anything earth-shattering, but I’m hoping it will be seen as a nice little extra, something that says thank-you to the person who has paid for one of my games. This extra content will only ever be made available to people who buy something, you won’t find it on my website.

This is another experiment in advertising toadflax games, and I will let you know if offering free content to purchasers producers a better return than the Amazon links. I’m hoping that word of mouth will work better than running direct adverts, both for me, and the people that visit the website.


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