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I think that it’s interesting to look at what pages people are looking at most often on my website. I make use of Google Analytics to track page views, so that I can see what people are looking at most often, and what is less popular.

When I know this kind of information, then I can work more on more popular areas, and also try things out to improve the popularity of other pages. With the data I have collected, I can accurately measure what is and isn’t popular, and see which changes I make actually work.

I’ve crunched the numbers, and below is a list of my ten most popular pages, along with the percentage of visits to toadflax games that each page constitutes:

  1. Countdown Game (14.3%)
  2. Dungeons and Dragons index (10.3%)
  3. Necromunda index (10.1%)
  4. Into the Sewers, DnD adventure (8.6%)
  5. Roman Numeral Bingo (8.6%)
  6. Home page (7.9%)
  7. Games index (4.7%)
  8. The Endless Dungeon, DnD adventure (4.6%)
  9. The Evil Cleric, DnD character (4.1%)
  10. King of the Castle (3.1%)

Looking at the above, we can see that over 75% of all page views on the site are on one of these ten pages. The toadflax games homepage is not the most visited because many of my visits come from search engines (about 70%) and these visits all go directly to the linked page. This is why it is important to design all pages as if they will be the first one a user sees, because that is very often going to be the case.

I recently added extra navigation links to all of my DnD pages, and this has led to an increase in average page views per visit (from 1.98 to 2.35), as visitors find a popular character page, and then surf around and read more. I’m looking to make more improvements in this area, so that visitors who find toadflax games from a search engine spend more time looking at all that is available.

Make sure you are using analytic software, and that you are measuring your changes. It will help you improve your website, and the better the website is, the more likely people are to find it, read it and remember it, and hence your games and ideas will spread further.


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