Amazon Associate

I have signed up to the Amazon Associate program. I’m not planning on covering the site with links and images, but just providing relevant text links to books, games and software when it makes sense to do so. So if I’m talking about DnD, then you might see a link like that one back there, which happens to link to the Player’s Handbook. Currently, this is only a trial, and I’m going to see how it works out.


One Response to “Amazon Associate”

  1. Robert Dunn Says:

    I was reading your blog and I thought you might be a good person for this. I am with a little startup that has built a new tool that lets you add pictures and video’s into your blog as well as links to without having to upload them or use embed codes. Its a completely new way to interact with your website.

    We are looking for a few intrepid souls to try out our tool and tell us
    what they think. If you are interested we would love to get your feedback.

    You can get the tool at our site
    The access key is: nisswa

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Thanks a million,
    Robert Dunn

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