Copyright and My Games

When I write a game, I release it on my website, it’s free for everyone to download and play, and I only ask for payment if you enjoyed playing it. I’ve taken on this model because I’ve purchased a few games over the years that I didn’t really enjoy, felt like I’d wasted the money, and knew I couldn’t go and get a refund purely because I didn’t get on with it.

If you download my game, I am happy for you to create your own playing pieces rather than those I supply, and even modify the rules. I’d rather you didn’t republish your modifications unless you credit me, and whilst I’d love the help of a professional artist or two to up the quality of my game components, I really want you to ask first before you create a professionally printed copy of my game.

If you ask, I will probably say yes. My overriding priority is to create games that people want to play, and if people want to go to the effort of printing a game I have created, I really view that a very good thing.

I’m sure that there is some sort of Creative Commons licence that will cover this usage deal, but I hope that stating it every so often will do.

If you do take my work without asking, and use it for non-personal purposes, I will be upset. As I said above, just ask politely and I’ll probably say you can use it

Some games and scenarios I have released build upon the Intellectual Property of others. I hope that where this has been done, I have fully credited that fact, and also that I am only seeking an income from those creations that are mine to take money from (My Countdown game and Necromunda scenarios are examples of this) .


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