The Jeweller

Another new character suitable for use in DnD (or other role-playing games, but he’s only got statistics for DnD). The Jeweller, someone to allow your PCs to fence their ill gotten gains, and maybe a useful plot hook for an adventure or two.

I’menjoying developing these characters, they are quite small and self contained, a lot simpler than a full board game. I’ve also worked out a fairly useful template to use when typing up my notes, quite a scary percentage of the development time consists of typing handwritten notes into electronic form, and then editing and formatting them for various display types and formats. I can take a DnD character I’ve written and have him online in less than an hour, which is a small enough chunk of time to find easily in an evening.

Expect more of these characters in the next few weeks, then I’m going to try and find time to work on a couple of other nebulous ideas I started over the Christmas break.


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