Twilight Imperium – Shattered Empire

Twilight Imperium has an expansion, Shattered Empire. This provides four new races (to a total of 14). The ability to play with 8 players (Adding another ‘ring’ to the Galaxy), and new political, action and strategy cards.

As usual, I am somewhat concerned about a new expansion, I worry that they take more from the game than they add, bringing extra rules and complexity where it is not needed. Twilight Imperium is already a complex game, taking almost a whole day to play with 6 players, so taking it to 8 might just be a deal breaker on the time front.

The extra races sound interesting, and can probably be safely added to the mix without endangering the playability of the game.

I’ve heard that the new strategy cards reduce the dominance of the Imperial card somewhat, which is vital, in my opinion.

In all, I like Twilight Imperium, and I’m willing to give this expansion a try, and I want to give the game a go with 8 players, to see if it really slows beyond playability. It should be available in the shops now, it appears to be $39.99, or around £20-£25. Hopefully I will get a go with it soon, and when I do, I will let people know what I think.


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