Volcano! – First game

I managed the first game with my draft game pieces over the weekend. I’m quite happy with how it went. The game was close, with all four of my Scientists staying in touch with one another on renown scores, and enough Townspeople escaping to allow the game to be won. It looked a bit touch and go for some of the escapes, but enough made it out in the end.

I found a few glaring issues that need correcting, some action cards are too weak (Premonition) and some were too strong (adding to the Rescue counter). I’m looking to alter these soon.

Once the eruption has happened, then the Science Stationwill soon be covered in Lava, I’m looking at allowing Renown to be traded in in other places, probably at a reduced rate (three tokens become two permanent Renown).

There are a few rules clarifications, and I need to make a way of marking destroyed or impassable areas that cannot be cleared. I think this should be covered by using Rubble cards cleverly. Administrators need to have a scientist type, I’m thinking of making them counter as both Rock and non-Rock scientists, so they are always affected by Actions.

I’m going to update the rules with my clarifcations this evening, and also try and tidy up the action cards.


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