Volcano! – Draft Pieces

I’ve created some draft playing pieces to allow some play-testing to take part.

I spent most of Monday evening drawing a board, which currently covers 5 pieces of A4 paper. I’m hoping that it can be sensibly re-drafted to fit on 4, but I think that might be too much of a stretch, and that the board will become crowded.

I’ve created a spreadsheet containing draft text and basic layouts for all of the cards that are used in the game. The set-up should hopefully allow them to be printed and cut out quickly to form decks, and altered swiftly when changes need to be made.

I’m hopeful I can get a basic playtest done by the end of the week, where I do a dry run or two, taking on all the player roles. I’m also hoping to get some real live people involved to do a playtest on the weekend, which should hopefully find anything that I miss.

(The above was accidentally saved as a draft, rather than being published. Ooops. Oh well, you can enjoy it now)


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