Volcano! – Onwards and upwards

I’ve added some card descriptions to the Volcano Writeboard, along with a few tweaks to the rules, including how Rubble works.

I’ve been meaning to write something about how I am designing this game, but as I don’t really follow a specific process, it’s been quite hard. I’m going to have a go now.

I started with an idea, Volcano eruption, and saving people. I knew that there would have to be a way of recording where people were, and where they were going, so I decided to include a board with spaces and connections to allow this.

The people that would be warning of the Eruption would be Scientists, so I had to have mechanics for doing Science, and being recognised, hence most of the Science locations, and the Renown tokens. There are methods for Scientists to help people escape, hence the other abilities of Scientists, when not generating renown.

Most of the random elements, cards and dice, were included as this game is somewhat played by the players against the game itself. Sometimes they will have a hard game to win, and must co-operate fully, sometimes it’s an easy game, and so can concentrate more on gaining renown.

I’ve included lucky escapes so as to ensure no player is ever eliminated fully from the game, as I don’t tend to enjoy that in the games I create.

The mechanics, rules and specifics of the game have been drawn together over the last week or so. I didn’t start at the beginning of the ruleset and work through page by page. I’ll work on one part for a while, have some ideas that’ll work somewhere else, fill those in, and move on, it’s not a linear process, everything is connected together, often in unseen ways until an unformed part of the game is poked and prodded into life.


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