Volcano! – Nothing really interesting

I’ve typed up some more rules, but don’t have my pen drive with the files on with me, so don’t expect any updates on that front until at least this evening, when I might be able to upload it from home.

I worked out rough numbers to peg onto the personalities, and I’ve also decided to change their name, to Townspeople.

I’ve got a rough eruption deck ready to be typed up, and I’m looking at special abilities for Scientists. I’m hoping to get all of the rules online, at least in draft form, by the end of this coming weekend.

My big sticking point is going to be Event cards. I reckon I’ll need at least 100, but some can be duplicates, so I may only need 50 or so distinct cards. That’s still a lot of work.

Next week, I’m hoping to be able to whip up some basic playing pieces, ready for play-testing and rules re-working by the 17th.


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