Volcano! – Basic Outline

I put in a couple of hours outlining the basic concepts last night, and I’ve started to settle on some key features of the game. This is all subject to massive change as time goes on, but it’s a point to work from.

Firstly, the game is going to be for 4 players. I might consider adding in extra modifiers to make it work for a range (3-5) of players, but this requires extra time writing and play-testing, so this  feature will be skipped unless I find myself working through everything else I need to do faster than expected.

I think that there will be a fixed board for the game, detailing the town and the volcano. Townspeople will be represent by various cards, and each townsperson will have a role in the town , Sheriff, Mayor, Crazy Guy On The Hill and so on. There will be more townspeople than roles, so that each game will be set up differently, and play differently. Each townsperson will have different characteristics, which makes them more or less likely to leave town when told, and be more or less able to go when they decide to move.

Each player will have a scientist card, there will be more scientist cards than players. Each scientist will give different bonuses to actions, and have different disadvantages. I’m not going to create too many to begin with (maybe 6 or so), but there will be room to expand.

There will be an event deck, each player will hold several event cards that they can use. Each event can either be used to advance your own standing, or to aid the overall goal of evacuating the community.

The volcano will certainly erupt, but predicting when will be difficult. It will also have a variable strength of eruption. This will be achieved with an Erruption deck of cards. There will be three phases, build-up, imminent eruption and after eruption. Each turn a build-up card will be show,n, which has some effect on the game. Once these are exhausted, the imminent eruption cards will be displayed, these have more drastic effects. One of these will trigger the eruption. Once the eruption occurs, the after eruption cards will be used, to determine how the eruption itself progresses. There will be more of these cards than actually used in any one game, to again provide variety.

This may seem fairly vague at the moment, but it’s all basic concepts at the moment, more detail will come in the following days.


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