Volcano! – The Beginning

So, November rolls on, and I start my self imposed challenge. An entire game, designed, play-tested, components created and released to the world in a month.

In my initial posts, I described two game ideas, and from the title of this post, I’m hoping you can see that I’ve gone with the Volcano idea.

I’ve decided to try and create a collaborative game, where the players must work together to beat the game itself, in the manner of Shadows over Camelot. I can’t quite bring myself to build a totally cooperative game, so I’m going to include competitive elements as well.

The basic scenario I have in mind is as follows: A team of scientists have been studying a dormant volcano situated near a small town. As their studies progress, they become more certain that this volcano is not truly dormant. An eruption is imminent. The scientists must alert the town to this fact, and ensure that it is evacuated safely. Whilst doing this, they must continue their research, each attempting to gain most renown and recognition in their field.

From this, the basic game will work in two parts. Each player takes on the role of one of the Scientists in the team. They then compete amongst themselves to gain the greatest repuation in the scientific community by performing experiments and learning about the volcano.

Whilst doing this, the players must also work to save the local town from the oncoming eruption. They will have various actions available to them to do this, but each action that could be used to save the town could instead be used to enhance their own reputation.

If the town is saved, then the game is won by the player with the greatest renown. If the town is lost, or not many people are evacuated, then the game is lost, no matter the individual renown scores.

With this basic idea, I’m going to start working on specifics, hopefully this evening, maybe tomorrow, look out for further updates soon.


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