Unassailable lead

In many games it is a valid strategy to aim to build a large lead at an early stage in the game, then merely keep pace with the other players as the game goes on, hence ensuring that you win with a comfortable margin.

In most games where there is a large degree of co-operation available between the players,I would think that this is a risky strategy at best. If there is an obvious leader, there is an obvious target for any limiting or destructive moves, that may otherwise be played more randomly. In a four player game with an obvious leader, I have often seen the other three players team up against them to prevent them winning. It generally requires a totally crushing advantage, or a serious skill disparity to allow the lone player to fend off the assault of the other three.

Hence I would tend to say that a preferred strategy would be to not take the immediate lead, but to place yourself in a position to take full advantage once the early leader is overhauled. Ride at the head of the chasing pack, rather than being the trailblazer.

Some games will not have the degree of player co-operation available to allow an early leader to be caught. If you find this to be the case then I would advise you avoid against these games, if a lucky start can determine the winner of the game, then there would seem little point in wasting the time to play out the remainder, either pack up and start again, or move on to something with a little more depth.


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