New games

I'm working on two new games at the moment. Both have had their rules roughly sketched out, one is being formatted for release online, and the other will follow afterwards. They will need some play-testing, so hopefully I can get my playgroup involved, I'd expect to see some major changes.

The first game is a trading an shipping game, where players sail ships from the Old World to the New, purchase resources that are produced in the new land, and return to the Old World to sell the goods. It focuses on gaining influence in the Old and New World ports to determine who is able to sell the goods the collect, and also on the efficient transportation and purchase of the goods themselves.

The second game is set in an Aztec-like jungle, where four separate tribes are vying for the favour of the Gods. Controlling territory and out-maneuvering your opponents are the key to success.

I'm hoping to have the first game available in a rough format very soon, probably by the end of next week. I'll then work on the second, get that available, and then polish the rough spots on both.


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