Settlers of Catan

Settlers is another of my top picks for board games. I really need to play it more often, but I can't pick up enough interest in my current gaming circle. This saddens me greatly. The best games of Settlers are played with only the basic game, and with the full four players. The expansions add little to nothing to the game in my opinion, and are all terribly expensive.

As you probably know, Settlers is a resource trading and collection game, and I really enjoy the political aspect of it, it's really all about lying and correctly withholding information, with a bit of basic probaility thrown in for free. If you prefer co-operative games with no backstabbing or general meanness, then you won't get the best out of Settlers, but if you are capable of playing the game to the full without forgetting you are just playing a game, then it can be immense fun for all involved.


2 Responses to “Settlers of Catan”

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    […] That’s very important, it’s why it gets a paragraph to itself. Puerto Rico is probably too complex for people who’ve never played a serious boardgame, but it might be a good game to show someone who loves Settlers. […]

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